Dennis Xing

Where it pays to attend College

Full notebook available here.

Code on my Github available here.

Your parents might have worried when you chose Philosophy or International Relations as a major. But a year-long survey of 1.2 million people with only a bachelor's degree by PayScale Inc. shows that graduates in these subjects earned 103.5% and 97.8% more, respectively, about 10 years post-commencement. Majors that didn't show as much salary growth include Nursing and Information Technology.

I downloaded this dataset from Kaggle where it was uploaded by WSJ. It contains 3 csv files, salaries by college, salaries by region, and salaries by academic major. Using Jupyter notebook, pandas, seaborn, and statistics, I discovered insights into the data—asking questions like:

Which degrees show the most growth in salary from starting to mid-career?

What are the top 20 schools by mid career median salary?

How do salaries differ by degree?

Is there any correlation between starting salary and mid-career salary? If so, what is the Pearson correlation coefficient?

Much more analysis is done in the actual Jupyter notebook. Go check it out.